Julia Jones, Transforming Mothers and Their Babies since 2008

I had a wonderful time meeting Julia Jones, one of my customers from Australia. Julia is helping newly minted mothers through the first 40 days of motherhood. I believe she's on the way to radically transform life on this planet as we know it.

Mothers are naturally equipped to intuit what they children need—that is, when they're not stuck up in anxiety and stress and fear and all the other things that make us leave our bodies where intuition resides and retreat up in our heads.

And that's what she works toward, through a combination of western and traditional Indian medicine. Giving mothers everything they need to be the best mothers they possibly can be, during those crucial first 40 days and beyond.

It was an absolute pleasure talking with her. We also talked about Simplero, of course, and Julia revealed that after trying everything else out there, she was so happy to have found Simplero. She only wished she'd have found it sooner. All I can say is, so do I.

Watch the whole thing right now:

Go visit her at newbornmothers.com right now, and make sure you mention it to all the pregnant ladies you know. Together, we'll transform life on this planet. Thank you Julia!

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