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3 Essentials for Your Membership Site

Some Simplero users lead thriving communities.  Others teach what they know via course content that they release over time, or all at once.  Many Simpleristas teach and lead by providing a combination of online content and live coaching or other services. 

However you structure your membership site, there are some essential first steps that you must do if you want your site to be successful.  There are some don't-dos, too, but we'll get to those another time. 

We help our users to set up their…

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Creating a Simple Sales Funnel

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 8.50.10 PM

Did you know that it is easy to create a Sales Funnels here in Simplero?  If you have a freebie to give away as an incentive to sign up for your product, think about creating even just a simple Sales funnel to gain interest in new sales for any product.  Using an automation and triggers, allows you to offer sales promotions for a product, yet gives you the option to stop the automation when the contact purchases the product.  Here is a short step by step on how to set up a Sales funnel in Simple…

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Get that course flowing

Do you want your course content to flow to your customers automatically in a way so you can do it over and over again? When setting up your course content, it makes sense to automate as much as you can and give yourself more time for personal interaction with your customers and concentrate on replying to worksheets, growing your business or even taking a well-deserved vacation. Let us show you how you can make a course flow without the constant hand holding. 

Then here's how you can set it up:

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5 Easy Steps for Getting Your Product off the Ground!

Membership Site


We get a lot of question about how does Simplero all work together? What is a product? How does it relate to your membership site? How can you sell it. Where do you even start? Today, we are going to give you a step by step guide on how to start and launch your very first product!

New-Mind-Map (4).jpg

  1. First, we recommend creating a Membership Site to start. 
    If you are going to drip release or create an Evergreen program, make sure that you auto-publish your course content!

  2. Next, you will want to create your…

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Stop Throwing Away Money

Do you wanna sell more? With the same marketing effort and ad budget?

What if we told you, you are leaving money on the table right now in your business? Wouldn’t you want to take every opportunity to make an extra sale? Did you know that you can do just that with a simple Upsell and Downsell using the products you already have?

When you have gotten your new potential customer to the order form and they're ready to buy, this is a great time to get them to up their purchase and buy one or more …

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How to Afford Anything You Want


When I graduated college with a degree in Theatre Production, I spent the better part of the next four years lining up gig after gig. Booking myself solid all over the country from one month contracts to three month extended stays.

It was the month of December, however, that was sacred. Only once did I book myself on a show run that extended past Christmas and into the New Year. That month was regularly devoted to returning home to my family and taking some much needed time off.

So, I quickly …

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How To Get The Marketing Automation You Need Without The Headache

Hi. We’re Simplero. Online business owners’ best kept secret.

Simplero is the all-in-one platform you were looking for when you went with Infusionsoft, you just didn’t know about us yet. We’re glad you’re here.

Look, we know you have choices in how you run your business. What clients you work with, how you plan your days, and what software you choose to help you run it.

We could sit here and tell you all of the reasons that you should switch from Infusionsoft to Simplero (and there is a litt…

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The Secret Ingredient For a Successful Launch Strategy


Eighty-one percent of business owners never make even $100. Not to be a buzz kill, but that's one sad stat. It's sad not only because the numbers are so low, but because I know people who are part of this 81% (and I bet you do too).

The good news?

Most beginning business owners are enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are excited about leveraging new technology to build something new and creative around a passion or skill. 

Now that we can work with!

And there's an under-utilized technology that…

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Reusing space content for new classes

Many of you may have evergreen courses, where you can just send your participants through the same material again and again and are not worried by time sensitive content or have turned off commenting by users. Many times these pages are auto-publish and therefore the pages must be released through automation or auto responses.

But what if your content changes a bit for each class based on the time of year or topics? Maybe you allow commenting on your content, and don't want the next class to se…

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