5 Reasons to Automate - Vacation Edition

You’ve probably heard that automation is essential to the smooth running of an online business.  Guess what? We totally agree!  And we’ve built all kinds of automated features into Simplero. 

shutterstock_209069167.jpgBut what does that really mean?

And how can it improve your vacation? 

There are (at least) 5 Ways

Hit Pause on Your Business While You’re On Vacation

It’s that time of year when people dream of sunny beaches, cool mountains or really, any place away from it all.  But when you are an online entrepreneur, your business never shuts down.  You can’t just hang a sign on the door, lock up and walk away. 

But you CAN run an automation to pause all your other automations and send a single email to every last person on all of your lists to tell them that you will be away, all in one fell swoop.  Do you have weekly sessions with people and you need to remind them that you will be gone, and then cancel the automated reminders that go out every Monday about the week's appointments?  Handled. 

Automate Your Sales Funnel

Perhaps you just finished a webinar and you want to convince people to buy into your membership site.  You can send emails to your webinar participants through an automation, and stop that automation (and direct them to a different automation!) if they purchase a subscription to your membership site. 

Or you can encourage people to sign up for a list by offering them a preview of your membership site, and automate emails to them selling full access to your site.  You can even send them an email with a link to an article in it – and the people who click that link can be added to an automation to get different emails selling a product tailored to the audience of people who were interested in the article.  Automations can do so much to promote sales - let your imagination soar! 

Build Your Community

Let’s say someone is a new member of your membership site.  That can be kind of overwhelming – there’s so much to read, watch and engage with that sometimes people freeze.  So you can automate a few emails to them over the course of their first few weeks to show them around your site and help them feel welcome. 

You could even use automation to increase interaction between your members – send an email that says 'click here to join the XY group' and use those links to tag them 'XY' as well as send them to content that XY people will be especially interested in.  Then create a XY category in your forum so people know to engage with each other there.   

shutterstock_117267718.jpgIncrease Your Membership Revenue

Maybe someone started with a free or very low cost membership to your site and, over time, you would like to upgrade them to a paid (or higher level) membership.  You can use automations to nurture that member.  Just drop them into a sequence that continues to provide high quality content and encourages them to upgrade. 

When they do upgrade, you can stop that automation, add them to a new membership site (or a certain course within your site) and start a new sequence of content – all with automation!

Get Work Done Even While You’re On Vacation

This is the beauty of automations, they keep working even when you don’t.  If you set up any of the things we just talked about (sales funnels, community building campaigns, auto-responders to deliver content, etc) they will all keep going without you. 

So put your feet up and have a nap (or get moving and enjoy the sights).  This is your time. Simplero will keep doing its thing.

What is your favorite thing to automate in Simplero? We’d love to hear about it below!

P.S.  Are you wondering how to do one of these things?  Or curious about what the difference is between automations and auto-responders? You’re not alone. The fabulous Sherrie Williams explains in this guide, including three must-answer questions to help you decide how to proceed. 

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