Our 5 Best Tips to Make Your Membership Site a Smashing Success

1. Be Authentic

Whatever your niche is, people are buying your products and enrolling in your programs because they feel some type of connection with you. Whether your niche is personal or business coaching, teaching yoga, ad strategy or how to draw, you have a unique opportunity to share your gift with your customers on a personal level.

What sets you apart from any other course out there on the market is YOU!  Be authentic in your sharing and weave that magic into your course. We encourage you to share highs and lows in your courses and lessons. Take a chance. Be real. Maybe start with a short story about why you are doing what you are doing and see how your customers respond.  We bet they will love it!

2. Run a Forum


A Membership Site wouldn’t be much of a Membership Site without a forum!  Encourage members to engage with one another!  This feature can remind people why your membership site (and product) is beneficial for their lives.

This is also a great opportunity for you to take a back seat. Let others interact together. Pop in regularly and reply to comments or give new suggestions. But make sure you allow users to learn from and relate to each other!

3. Use Challenges

Run a challenge in your Membership Site! This can look different for everyone, and you may use different types of challenges throughout your courses.  Challenge your group to get outside their comfort zone; to reach a little bit farther in a project, or do something new. Maybe even invite their friends to participate in the next session (or even right this moment- depending on how your course is set up!). There is no shame these challenges to your benefit.

You could give away something to the winner of the challenge such as a month’s payment for your next session, or membership, an hour of personal coaching, or a package of PDFs. The sky is the limit!  Make the give-away exciting and desirable. But when it doesn’t cost anything out of your pocket, that is exciting too!

Don’t forget that you are tied to a single idea.  If it didn’t work well for one group, give it a try on your next group. The point of challenges is to create engagement and excitement and provide another fabulous way for your course to stand out from everything else out there!

4. Utilize Worksheets & Quizzes

Just like Simplero has built-in forums that you can leverage to create activity on your membership site, use the other great functions Simplero has to offer to make your site work.  Using a worksheet or quiz for check-ins at the end of each lessons can be a game changer for engagement.  Users can let you know what their favorite part of the lesson or their #1 take away.  Have them share their goals, struggles and successes.

The great thing about using a worksheet is that you can go back and see what each contact wrote and when.   You could even compile all their take-aways for them and send them a list at the end of a course.  Even better, users also have the option to look back and see their various answers as well.  Even if you use the same question for the end of each lesson, worksheets and quizzes are such an asset to your Membership Site!

5. Be Personal

Of course, when you have hundreds of people taking your multiples courses over and over again, you are wondering, “How can I make it personal”?  We’ve got you covered.   Using automations is an amazing way to be personal and still totally hands off!

Did you know you could use automations to send your customers a birthday email? Yup! You sure can!

You can also send users a 1-year anniversary email on the anniversary of the date they completed one of your courses and update that email as frequently as you would like with new offerings.  This could trigger their amazing memories of taking your course and decide to give a new class a try! Along the same line, send an email to “check in” with your users who finished a course.   Ask them how they have put your course into practice, how has it changed their lives, where they are seeing improvement, etc, then, offer them a complimentary 20 min coaching call, or an exclusive offer of 3 calls for half off, or whatever you think will best re-engage them.

These are just some of the great ways you can utilize Simplero to make you a leader in your niche and community! What works for you? 


Laura Grubb

How do you set up the birthday email and 1-year anniversary?

And worksheets? I've only used quizzes so far.

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Beth Barr-Jobson Staff

Hi Laura!  You do the birthday and anniversary emails using automations.  That guide will get you started.  We'd be happy to help via a Support ticket if you want more detail.  And worksheets are awesome.  Here's the scoop. Thanks for asking! 

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Laura Grubb

Hi Beth, thanks for the response! What would you use the worksheets for? Not sure if I see how I can use them in my courses...

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Beth Barr-Jobson Staff

You can use them to help your participants reflect on what they've learned, give you information in preparation for a coaching call, or to have them apply for a higher-level program.  It's wide open. 

We don't suggest collecting sensitive information on worksheets because that is not GDPR compliant.  If you want to ask in the Facebook group, I bet other users would have more ideas...  Thanks!

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