Infomarketing Tips

Hot-seat: Taking a new customer from zero to sellable course in an hour

In this webinar I'm working with Sarah Leather, taking her online membership club from nothing to sellable product in just an hour (okay, maybe an hour and a half - including time for questions). Follow along here.

We've since rebranded as Simplero, so don't be confused by the talk about zenbilling,

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Recording Audio Content

Audio is a great way to both transfer information and to deepen your connection with your audience.

Through audio, they can get a much better feel for you than they can with just text. they can hear your voice, where you pause, your intonations. Maybe you make a mistake and we get to hear how you tackle that. Maybe you allow yourself to improvise and to think out loud as you're speaking.

Another advantage is that we can listen with our entire bodies, and thus tune into you at a deeper level, a…

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How to Deal with Content Theft


As info-preneurs, we're faced with the reality of content on the internet: The internet makes copying digital content extremely easy - in fact, every single bit of data that's transferred across the internet is being copied, not moved, to get from the server it resides on, to the customer who has paid to access it. In other words, copying is at the root of the nature of the internet.

So how do we prevent people from just copying our content and giving it to all their friends or uploading it to …

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Two Ways to Handle the Back Catalog of Your Monthly Club

A common product type is a monthly club, where members get a new piece of content (a monthly "theme") each month, for as long as they remain a member. Typically there'll also be an only discussion group, either in a Simplero Space, or on Facebook. And maybe a monthly webinar or group coaching call.

The big question what happens with all the old content? What do you do with your "back catalog" of previous months' content, including recordings of the calls?

There are two options:

  1. You can give…

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Marketing Genius

This Intelligent Details ad from Bentley is brilliant marketing. The video is pretty good. Not outstanding, but nice. Or maybe it's just that Bentley's are not really my taste.

But the genius is that it's shot entirely on an iPhone 5s, then edited on an iPad Air, in the back of a Bentley Musanne. What this accomplishes is getting Apple's head of marketing Phil Schiller to tweet it to his 125k followers, which then in turn gets it picked up by Daring Fireball, and now it's doing the rounds. And …

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