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Simplero is a great alternative to InfusionSoft for information entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, trainers, teachers, consultants, and anyone else primarily selling information products and services.

You get all-in-one integrated email marketing, shopping cart, content delivery, membership site, and landing pages.

Our customers who come from InfusionSoft tell us they save not just on the monthly cost of the service itself, but also thousands of dollars on all the hired help they no longer need, because Simplero is so much simpler, easier, and more fun to use.

And it's not just the savings in dollars. It's also the speed with which you can move when you don't have to rely on several other people to make changes, it's the freedom of being able to change things yourself when you want it, it's the feeling of being in control, it's the creativity that happens when you can just try things out.

I have been with Infusionsoft for over 2 years. After an expensive startup fee and months of video trainings, I still haven't quite got it to work for me yet. My business is not very complicated, but setup inside Infusionsoft is not as intuitive as I need it to be. I always have to call technical support or hire a developer.

Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer

How does Simplero compare?

We like to say Simplero has everything you need, and none of what you don't.

InfusionSoft definitely has more advanced features in the email marketing department than we do. But we've got everything you need.

We had one customer leave Simplero for InfusionSoft because she thought she needed some of the more advanced features, and because all of her mastermind peers kept telling her that's what she needed to use. Shortly after, she was back to Simplero, after realizing it was all just hype, and that what she had with Simplero was much better.

Here's an interview I did with her:

When it comes to shopping cart functionality for information products, Simplero is unsurpassed. What we can do when it comes to pricing and the automation we've got built-in for handling purchases is the best you'll find.

Our membership sites are flexible and most importantly fully integrated. It's not another service that we've bought and are trying to integrate, you don't need a wordpress site to host your membership site. It's all just a seamless part of Simplero.

You speak to me because I was with infusionsoft for a minute and was about to learn Wordpress and try customerhub and it all seemed too technical and expensive. You are a breath of fresh air.

poly-media artist, producer and entrepreneur
Here's an interview with Lloyd about his experiences switching to Simplero:
And then join our incredible and supportive community and talk to some of the people who switched from InfusionSoft and never looked back.
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