Simplero Is about Self-Realization

It's always valuable to think deeply about what your business is about. It's never about what it seems to be about.

Apple, the way I see it, is about fusing spirit and technology. Steve Jobs talked about certain products having a "spirit of enlightenment" about them, that would impact people whether they realized it or not. That's what I see that they do with technology products. They don't always get it right. They don't always have the best feature set. But they almost always have this spirit of enlightenment about them.

Simplero is not just business software. It's about self-realization. It's about setting people free to be true to who they are, and to find ways to make a living from that. It's enlightenment through technology and entrepreneurship and deep inner spiritual growth.

The software is the most visible current manifestation of that. But there's no reason it needs to stop there.

What's your business really about?

Alternative to Infusionsoft
Alternative to Ontraport and Office Autopilot


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