The Easiest Way to Build an Email List

We all know that the money's in the list. Your list of emails, that is.

Of course, it's not just about any old email addresses. It's about the email addresses of people that actively want what you have to offer, and that you have a relationship with.

But how do you build that list if you have nothing?

Facebook ads?

Google adwords?

Just put up a website or a blog and pray?


Speaking engagements and blast out your opt-in from the stage?

Yes, you can do all of those things, and more, but the most effective way is this: Find someone else who already has a list of the peolpe that you're a match for, and get them to tell their list about you.

Sounds great. And if you already know that person, and have a great relationship with them, that's fantastic. Get to work making a deal with them.

But if you don't, you'll have to do some work seeking them out, and cultivating a relationship with them.

Generally, we're in the business of solving problems for people. That's what any business does, pretty much. Deli down on the corner solves the problem of people running out of cigarettes when they're drunk at 2am, or needing to stock up on eggs for their breakfast. Google solves the problem of needing to find some piece of information (and a few other problems).

So figure out who has a direct line to your audience, and what problem of theirs you can solve, and then talk to the person who has that email list. Ask them what their audience's biggest problems are, and identify one that you can solve with your information. Then get them to send out an email to their list with a link to you, where you solve their problem and capture their emails.

Specifically, in Simplero, you'd create up a list to capture the leads. Then for that list, create a full-page signup form where you explain what you're offering and why they should trade their email address for a solution to their problem.

What form will your solution take? A PDF? A video? An audio? An email sequence? A live webinar? An online course?

No matter what, you'll want to add that to your list:

  • Content > Freebie Content if it's a few videos, audios, PDFs, or similar
  • Auto-Responses if it's an email sequence
  • Content > Spaces if it's an online course

You can even do a multi-week drip course if you're feeling that.

That's it. Now you get your friend with the email list (called a "JV partner" or "joint-venture partner" or "affilliate" in industry jargon) to send an email to their list with a link to your full-page signup form, and watch the subscribers come in.

As they subscribe, they'll automatically get your free content, AND they'll be subscribed to your list.

If you want them to then also get on your newsletter (which you probably do), set up a trigger for your list that also adds them to your main newsletter list.

If you want to offer paid products down the line and offer your JV partner a commission on any sales, then you'll want to set up an affiliate program register them as an affiliate, and then have them use the affiliate link when they promote your page. That way they'll automatically be credited with any sales down the line.

That's it. That's the easy way to start building your email list. It's how I did it, and it's probably how most of the people in our community did it. It is simply the easiest, fastest, and win-winnest way to build you all-important email list.

Now get on with it. Build your list!

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