Infomarketing Tips

How To Get The Marketing Automation You Need Without The Headache

Hi. We’re Simplero. Online business owners’ best kept secret.

Simplero is the all-in-one platform you were looking for when you went with Infusionsoft, you just didn’t know about us yet. We’re glad you’re here.

Look, we know you have choices in how you run your business. What clients you work with, how you plan your days, and what software you choose to help you run it.

We could sit here and tell you all of the reasons that you should switch from Infusionsoft to Simplero (and there is a litt…

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The Secret Ingredient For a Successful Launch Strategy


Eighty-one percent of business owners never make even $100. Not to be a buzz kill, but that's one sad stat. It's sad not only because the numbers are so low, but because I know people who are part of this 81% (and I bet you do too).

The good news?

Most beginning business owners are enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are excited about leveraging new technology to build something new and creative around a passion or skill. 

Now that we can work with!

And there's an under-utilized technology that…

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Reusing space content for new classes

Many of you may have evergreen courses, where you can just send your participants through the same material again and again and are not worried by time sensitive content or have turned off commenting by users. Many times these pages are auto-publish and therefore the pages must be released through automation or auto responses.

But what if your content changes a bit for each class based on the time of year or topics? Maybe you allow commenting on your content, and don't want the next class to se…

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Best practices to protect your material online

A common question from Simplero users is "How do I prevent customers from taking my content and sharing it elsewhere?" The very short answer is you can't, as long as something is put on the internet, even if it is on a closed site like Simplero, it can (with the right tools and mal intent) be downloaded and shared by those who have access to it. There is however a lot you can do to prevent this, and to make the damage less, if your content is shared anyways. 

In membership sites, when adding co…

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How to Overcome Perfectionism and Get Started with Online Courses

I got a question about how to get started selling your online courses, particularly when you're a perfectionist, and I figured I'd take the opportunity to answer this here, because it's relevant to so many people that I talk to.

Are you a perfectionist?

A recovering perfectionist?

Can you relate?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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How Do I Get Started with My Online Course Business?

This is a question I get asked a lot, and so I figured I'd spend a few minutes recording the answer to this. There's definitely a best way to get started, and I'll tell you in the video below.

The short answer is:

  • Go where the money is
  • Just do the sales page to begin with
  • Find one good affiliate

Boom! This method has generated people tens of thousands of dollars within weeks of starting their online business. There are no guarantees, of course, but this is how you maximize your chances.…

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Why We Don't Do Discounts... And Why You Shouldn't Either

Everybody likes a good discount. But discounts have serious downsides.

For one, if you're going to have an on-going relationship with the customer, say they're a coaching client, part of a program with live interaction elements, or a software user, then you want to make sure you cater to the kind of customer that you want to have as a customer.

Generally speaking, the people who haggle over money almost always turn out to be a hassle in other instances. People who happily pay the price general…

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The Easiest Way to Build an Email List

We all know that the money's in the list. Your list of emails, that is.

Of course, it's not just about any old email addresses. It's about the email addresses of people that actively want what you have to offer, and that you have a relationship with.

But how do you build that list if you have nothing?

Facebook ads?

Google adwords?

Just put up a website or a blog and pray?


Speaking engagements and blast out your opt-in from the stage?

Yes, you can do all of those things, and more, bu…

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Alternative to Ontraport and Office Autopilot

Simplero is a great alternative to Ontraport or Office Autopilot for information entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, trainers, teachers, consultants, and anyone else primarily selling information products and services.

You get all-in-one integrated email marketing, shopping cart, content delivery, membership site, and landing pages.

Our customers who come from Ontraport tell us they save not just on the monthly cost of the service itself, but also thousands of dollars on all the hired help they n…

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