Creating a Simple Sales Funnel

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Did you know that it is easy to create a Sales Funnels here in Simplero?  If you have a freebie to give away as an incentive to sign up for your product, think about creating even just a simple Sales funnel to gain interest in new sales for any product.  Using an automation and triggers, allows you to offer sales promotions for a product, yet gives you the option to stop the automation when the contact purchases the product.  Here is a short step by step on how to set up a Sales funnel in Simplero that can take you minutes to have up and running. 

  1. Create your List and Opt In.

  2. Create your Automation (Or Auto Responders). Create the last action step of the automation (or add a trigger on your last auto response) to add the contact to your main newsletter list.  This way, your contacts do not start any sales content from your main newsletter until the sales funnel is finished. 

  3. On the Product you are marketing, add a trigger that upon purchase of the product,  to "Stop Automation" (or unsubscribe from a list). This way, at any point a user makes their purchase, they will not receive the next sales email for the same purchase they have just bought.  

  4. At the end of your sales funnel, if the user has not purchased the product, they will then be added to your specified list by the trigger added in Step 2. When purchasing the product, the user will have the option to opt in to the list offered.  


This is just one simple way you can use Simplero's automation to gain more leads and make more sales for the products you are already selling. 

While this is a brief overview of starting a Sales funnel, you can read our guide on Sale Automations and how to make a detailed plan and various other sales funnels to meet your needs as well. Read the comprehensive guide here

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