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Afraid of making mistakes? This is for you.

I was doing a live coaching call today with the Course Launch Challengers. (Last day to join is today.)

One of the questions that came up was about the fear of making mistakes.

Here's the thing, though:

You want to make mistakes.

In fact, I tell people on my team, if they don't f&#k up at least once a week, they're not taking enough chances.

I'll fire someone for not making enough mistakes. Seriously.

All the time you spend trying to avoid making mistakes is time you could...

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Get more help

The biggest game-changer in my business recently has been getting more help.

Simplero team all-hands callWe've hired so many additional team members, we've engaged agencies, consultants, and it's been really great. It seems the more people we add, the more money we make. That's pretty awesome.

In fact, the picture on the right was our latest all-hands call (and some couldn't make it!).

It's completely changed how I think about my work and my business. At this point, I don't "do" much of anything. I set the vision and...

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Don't forget your body

Housekeeping note: We realized something wasscrewed up withthe way we'd segmented our list, and a bunch of you stopped getting this weekly newsletter. If you're one of those that haven't received this newsletter for a while, a quick reminder:This is the weekly newsletter from me, CalvinCorreli, the CEO and founder of Simplero. I share lessons from my journey as an integrated entrepreneur.Hopefully you find them useful. If not, there's an unsubscribelink in the footer. You won'thurt my...

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When to put the pencil down

During the coaching calls for the latest Course Launch Challenge, perfectionism was a theme that came up a lot.

People are struggling with figuring out when it's good enough.

You want to put out a great product.

But you also don't want to waste time by noodling over it forever.

How do you know when to stop?

When is good enough good enough?

Well ...

I have a simple answer for you:

Who are you doing it for?

Be brutally honest with yourself.

When you're doing it for your clients, when...

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How hungry are you?

And no, I don't mean in a food way.

I mean, how hungry are you for life?

For getting results?

For progressing in your career?

In your relationships?

For being more, doing more?

To me, that kind of hunger is GOLD!

It's what propels you forward. And inward.

It what makes things happen.

Being hungry is phenomenal.

Now, the superpower is being hungry AND being 100% satisfied with exactly where you are today.

Knowing in your heart and gut that EVERYTHING is EXACTLY the way it...

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The punchline got me

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gay Hendricks again yesterday. He's always such a joy to be with.

This time, he said something in particular that really resonated with me.

He told the story of a nun. She'd been a nun for 40 years. A long long time.

Then this man visited the monastery. And by the time he got up at 7:30, she was already out in the garden praying.

The next morning, he got up at 6:30. Still, she was out there praying.

The next morning, he set the alarm for 5.30, only to again...

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Nurturing Your Body With Healthy Aerobic Exercises

Crushing the Coronavirus with Calvin Correli and Special guest Thomas Vidø discussing.

I'm a 44 years old husband and dad. Through my own company,, I'm working fulltime as a professional running coach.
I help recreational runners to significantly improve their race-results within 5k to the marathon through ideal running technique and training structure.

I would like to talk about the importance of good aerobic exercise during the crisis. To me, this means fat...

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Give yourself a break.

Allow yourself a pause.

It's okay to take it slow for a bit.

Spend time with the family. Or just with yourself.

You've been running so fast for so long.

Wake up and take a nap.

Snap out of the trance.

Don't worry. The pace will pick up again when it's time.

For now, just relax and enjoy the slower pace.

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Leading Well in Times of Uncertainty

Crushing the Coronavirus with Calvin Correli and special guest Amber Lilyestrom.

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding strategist and business coach, author, and speaker. She has been featured by Entrepreneur, Working Mother Magazine, The Goal Digger and Influencer podcasts and Mentorbox. She is the host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show podcast, which has over 100,000 monthly downloads. She is the creator of the Ignite Your Soul Summit, an annual live event in Portsmouth, NH and...

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