Build a 6 FIGURE Niche Business - Simplero Secrets with Kasim Aslam from Nido Marketing

Stephen remembered when Nido Marketing hit 6 figures...

It wasn't even a year into the business.

He remembered thinking, "Hot damn, he actually did it."

And then his immediate next thought was "how?" (I'm sure you can relate.)

You see, he was there when it started.

Kasim Aslam (the legend himself) and Stephen thought up this idea for a membership business, a side project really. They saw an underserved community with a problem they knew they could solve, so they took the chance.

Stephen he…

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What's your MVP?

Stephen and I sat down yesterday to talk with one of our (many) advisors when we both had that "drop" moment.

I won't go into too much detail, but it's about building out a paid traffic funnel, and we were on this multi-month roadmap to where we want to get to, which is a funnel where we sell information first, and Simplero second.

And during that call, suddenly we both saw how silly we were.

We were WAY overthinking this.

We're talking about creating a $7 ebook.

How quick can we do that?

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Tips from running a 6-figure coaching business in Simplero

Attention coaches!

Are you getting the most out of Simplero?

Do you have the right systems in place to scale your business?

Is there a massive blind spot in your business that's costing you thousands of $ that you don't even know about?

There's a saying: "you don't know what you don't know."

And it's true – which is why we talked with Dolores Hirschmann to hear how she uses Simplero to run a healthy 6-figure coaching business.

Dolores, Chief Clarity Officer at Masters in Clarity and Simple…

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Try Shit

I meet so many people that want to do things ... launch a course, start a business, run paid traffic, lose weight, find a life partner, and on and on...

And then they spend all of their time thinking about it.


Learning about it.

They won't start actually doing anything until they KNOW it's going to work.

Thing is... nothing's like that.

You won't know if it's going to work until you've tried it.

We recently tried a new customer acquisition strategy.

Running paid traffic to a we…

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How Simplero enables Amy Crane to setup and launch a course in less than an hour

Do you feel the need? The need for speed?

Amy Crane sure does! Watch the video on how she uses Simplero to supercharge your business.

You'll leave knowing how to set up and launch in a course in less than an hour.

This is coming from a girl who:

  • launched and sold over 14 courses in 12 months
  • consistently converts 7% of brand new subscribers into CUSTOMERS within the first 48 hours
  • launched a brand new course with $23k in sales (without doing anything fancy)
  • brought in an extra $12k w…

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Are You Too Making This Deadly Feedback Mistake?

Do you ever have trouble giving honest feedback when someone isn’t meeting your expectations or living up to their agreements?

I mean, we’re kind people, right?

We don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.

They might feel upset or sad.

So … we just ignore it. 

Hope that things get better on their own.

Hope they “get the message”.

Well … how’s that workin’ out for ya?

Not so well, is it?

The thing is that, yeah, it might sting a little. For about 10 seconds. Maybe a minute.

But not saying a…

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Simplero complies with EU payments regulation PSD2 with SCA support

If you're in the European Economic Area, you've probably been keeping an eye on the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) with its new requirement for online payments to implement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which often involves adding an additional step to the checkout process.

Banks and many payment gateways have been slow to implement compliance solutions, and many jurisdictions have chosen to delay enforcement of the SCA requirement, but the earliest date when compliance may b…

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Step back to move forwards

"It sounds like you're in a really great place, but you're maybe trying just a little too hard."

That's what a mentor told me.

It rang true.

A lot.

Does that ever happen for you?

It's an old habit of mine. And I guess old habits die hard.

So I decided to go on a little "spiritual retreat" this weekend.

All at home.

Didn't actually go anywhere ... physically.

But mentally, I went to a much deeper place.

Started asking myself some big questions.

Questions like ...

→ What am I here to d…

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How Claire Mitchell made £22,000 over a weekend with Simplero

Are you out of ideas for your business? Or maybe just curious about what others are doing?

We're here to help with our Simplero Secrets!

See what the many successful and creative Simplero users are up to like Claire Mitchell, from The Girls Mean Business. 

Claire recently made an extra £22,000 using Simplero to launch a last-minute idea. She also has a beautiful and innovative membership site that maximizes the 'only show for a limited period of time feature'.  

Watch the video for details.

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How it all started

I told you the story of how I found my life purpose: Integrating spirituality and entrepreneurship in my own life and teaching others to do the same.

Now, you may ask, why? What’s the point?

Great question.

Because it solves pretty much every challenge that we entrepreneurs face.

Challenges such as which direction to go in. What business to start, what values to base it on, what products to offer, what your unique selling proposition is going to be, what strategies to use to build your compa…

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