Try Shit

I meet so many people that want to do things ... launch a course, start a business, run paid traffic, lose weight, find a life partner, and on and on...

And then they spend all of their time thinking about it.


Learning about it.

They won't start actually doing anything until they KNOW it's going to work.

Thing is... nothing's like that.

You won't know if it's going to work until you've tried it.

We recently tried a new customer acquisition strategy.

Running paid traffic to a webinar where we'd make an offer.

It didn't work very well.

We found a ton of things about the strategy that wasn't working for us.

So we nixed it.

But at least we tried.

And guess what? We learned a lot from the experience.

We learned about Facebook advertising.

We learned about webinars.

We learned about ourselves and what we're good at and what we're not good at.

We learned things about how we operate as a team, and how we work with contractors, that we need to change.

So we're doing all of that, and coming up with a new paid traffic strategy that we believe is going to work a lot better for us.

We could have spent all our time thinking about it.

Or we could go ahead and do it, and learn from the experience.

You only really learn by doing.

So get out there doing.

Don't worry about failing. As long as you learn from it, "failing" is great.

At least now you're moving. You're growing. You're learning.

They say the only way to learn good judgment is to make lots of bad judgments.

So get on with it already.

Make some bad judgments.

Go try shit!

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