Build a 6 FIGURE Niche Business - Simplero Secrets with Kasim Aslam from Nido Marketing

Stephen remembered when Nido Marketing hit 6 figures...

It wasn't even a year into the business.

He remembered thinking, "Hot damn, he actually did it."

And then his immediate next thought was "how?" (I'm sure you can relate.)

You see, he was there when it started.

Kasim Aslam (the legend himself) and Stephen thought up this idea for a membership business, a side project really. They saw an underserved community with a problem they knew they could solve, so they took the chance.

Stephen helped build the website, write the copy, design the membership site, etc.

But you know what he didn't do?

Scale it to $100,000 within a year.

(still growing, by the way)

Kasim did that (because he's a frickin' wizard). 

Watch the video to:

  • learn how Kasim gets website traffic (he's a paid ads and marketing ninja)
  • hear how to make an irresistible lead magnet to grow your list (and make sales)
  • see the inner workings Nido Marketing's Simplero account
What's your MVP?
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