Focus on one thing

Calvin, CEO of Simplero here with your weekly tip.

One of the things I'm learning these days is to sharpen the focus of everything we do at the company.

My tendency when I embark on new projects is to see how it all connects. How this one feature or piece of content or new initiative, when done right, can accomplish a lot of things all at once.

Take this book we're currently making. It's all about launching that damn course you've been wanting to launch, but haven't gotten around to because of mindfog.

That book can do so much for us.

It can acquire new trial accounts.

AND increase the conversion of those trials to paying customers.

AND increase their level of success.

AND make our customer support staff happier and more productive.

And yes.

It really CAN do all these things.

And yes, we really WANT it to do ALL of those things.

But it's not a helpful way to operate. It's not a good way to think of it when you're excited about it.

When you sit down and work on it, it's way more effective to decide that we're just going to focus on ONE metric that we want this book to drive.

For example new trial accounts.

The goal is to get people who read it to sign up for a trial account for Simplero after they buy it.

The goal is to run paid traffic to sell the book and then have those people that buy the book start a trial account.

What happens after that, we'll deal with later.

For now, that's our singular focus.

It's a powerful way to think.

This email that you're writing, it has ONE goal. What is it?

This course you're launching, make it have just ONE goal. What is it going to be?

Or your workout routine. What's the ONE thing you want from it?

Try it, and see how that fits.

Being more clear about these things is the key to actually achieving it.

It can be hard to narrow it down. Uncomfortable. Painful.

But it pays off.

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