How to Write Great Email Content that Delivers Value and Will Help Make the Sale

Email can be a powerful selling tool. You can leverage your content within the body of your email to effectively microconvert subscribers to click through to your landing page, which reinforces your brand, product offer, and item for sale. Below we've provided a few content ideas to use to in the email body to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

1. Tell a Story 
Telling a story along with launching a new product or offering a freebie can be a powerful way to speak to your...

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How to Write Effective Subject Lines That Get Your Email Opened

With billions of emails sent daily, how can you stand out in the crowd and not get clicked into the trash? The email subject line is by far the most important factor in a successful email campaign. It’s what determines whether people open and read the rest of your email or not. Here’s how you can make sure yours will get opened and read:   


1. Current Events

Newsworthy events can be a great resource to finding your next awesome subject line and boost engagement...

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