Content Delivery Powerhouse

I don't think that's too strong, do you?  Simplero is absolutely a content delivery powerhouse!  

Everything we do is geared towards making it easy and effective to share your content online, including Email Campaigns, Websites, Membership Sites, Courses, and Automations that make dripping content so easy... 

But let's talk about Membership Sites for a second.  One of the beautiful aspects of Simplero's content delivery system is how incredibly flexible it is. You bring the ideas or information to share, and a vision for how you want that information to be available to your customers.  We'll bring the tools to get it done! 

  1. You can have a Membership Site with content that is available to the public, but include courses (or even parts of courses) that are restricted to only be seen by paying customers and are dripped out over time.  
  2. Membership Sites can have pages available to people who have purchased any one of 9 courses, but each of the courses are only available to the people who purchased that particular course. I have even seen Membership Sites with Lessons that are available only to one of the dozens of people who have access to the course.  
  3. Want to sell an 'advanced' version of your course? No need for another Membership Site! Your Simplero Membership Site can have different levels of content available to purchasers at different price points. 

If you can dream it up, I bet we can make it happen with our Membership Sites.  

Russian nesting dolls make it possible.

Well, not literally, but it helps to think of it that way, at least for visual people like me. 

The Membership Site is the biggest doll, and the next three dolls are labeled Courses, Modules, and Lessons. 

Your content lives inside the Lessons in the form of text, video, audio, and images.

You can restrict and release each one of those dolls.  

Let's look at Example 1 - a Membership Site that is open to the public but has some content that is only available to paying customers. 

  • The Site 'doll' is public
  • The Course 'doll' is restricted to people who purchase a product
  • The Module 'dolls' are restricted to people who are given access via an automation (dripped out weekly) and
  • The Lesson 'dolls' are visible to everyone who can see inside the Module 'doll'
  • Except for one Lesson that is restricted to the single individual that purchased some customized content. 

Boom. Done! 

And, side note, our Concierge team loves to figure out the best way to deliver your content and will also set it up for you - check it out

What can you dream up to deliver in Simplero? 

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