Eight Things I Learned in Denmark

Members of the Simplero staff went on retreat to a particularly beautiful corner of Denmark recently.  We gathered there to work on the business of Simplero rather than in the business of Simplero. 

Or rather, in addition to, because we tried hard not to let the day to day work go unfulfilled.

For any business to succeed, its members must spend time on strategy and big-picture-thinking work.  We must figure out where we are going, how we are going to get there and what systems and structures we need to have in place along the way.  

That is working on the business, and it is my jam.  

I am not yet sure how it came to be that I have landed in this company that deeply values my growth as a human being, invites me to engage in high-level planning AND is filled with people who know both how to laugh and how to work hard. It’s my version of heaven.  Especially when you add in the computers and the logic and all the fun tech-y bits!   

I learned a lot in Denmark.  Here are a few highlights. 

  • I quite enjoy responding to Help Tickets while bouncing along on a Danish train. 
  • Fear Melters are effective, plus they are an excellent bonding exercise (and, when done outside, good entertainment for the guy working on the roof nearby). 
  • Managers, implementers, marketers and visionaries all bring something critical to the plan.  Each one of us is needed. 
  • simplero pastries 2.jpgBrainstorming with a group of people who all talk really fast is chaotic but awesome. 
  • That thing that looked perfect at 9pm may not be so great at 9am.    
  • Calvin will forget that we all need to eat lunch, unless you remind him.
  • It's actually better for there to be tears and disagreements, as well as laughter and insight.  All of the parts of us are needed for the magic to happen.  You have to show up fully. 

And last but not least.

  • Spandauer are delicious and it is well worth getting up early so you have time to make it to the pastry shop before the meetings start.

Not spandauer, but still delicious ==>    


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Karen Murphy

Beautiful list, and just what I love learning about the backend of Simplero!  Thank you. 

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Elynn Light

Thanks for a great share Beth! I’m so glad you are part of Simplero!

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Anette Straadt

Fantastic :) Sounds like perfect days

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Morten Spindler

Oh yea, I can imagine danish carpenters being entertained by fear melters.

And I almost corrected you on the "spandauer"-thingie, which (as you correctly noted) has very little resemblance with a "chokoladesnegl". I prefer the latter, though.

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Beth Barr-Jobson

Thanks everyone!  And Morten, I KNEW there would be someone you like in the crowd :)

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Melissa Rose

sounds lovely!  I need to try that spandauer thingy! 

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