New Feature: Require Documentation (eg. W-9) from Affiliates

Some countries require that you have certain documentation from your affiliates in order for you to pay out affiliate commissions without risking being on the hook for any taxes due on that commission.

In order to make that as easy as possible on everybody, Simplero now has a new feature that handles all of that for you. You tell your affiliates what you need, and Simplero will ask for it. All you need to do is review it, and click to either approve or request that they do it over.

Once it's approved, payouts can happen as normal.

We separate the regular affiliate approval from documentation approval, so that your affiliates can be linking and tracking, even while the paperwork gets sorted.

To start using this, go to Marketing > Affiliates and set up an affiliate program, or make changes to an existing one. It's a new setting for the affiliate program, which lets you choose to require documentation, optionally have that documentation only be required from affiliates in your own country, and then you can just write whatever information is required for that documentation in a big old text field.


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