Meet Anders Rønnau of Transforming ADHD

Tell me a little about your business…

I help children, teens, and adults with the ADHD diagnosis transform from the inside out. When people transform from the inside out, the change in behavior becomes really easy. I also work with parents teaching them how to parent their extraordinary child. My work is based on the coaching approach with tools from NLP, Narrative Therapy, Systemic Thinking, Positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and other approaches.

What brought you to Simplero?

When I just started out I had a membership site in Wordpress that never worked properly, and the number of plugins I had to deal with wasn't worth it. I researched Simplero along with the possible, and more well-known alternatives - like InfusionSoft and Office Auto Pilot. The bigger ones were very expensive and non-affiliate reviews (friends) told me that the systems had obvious flaws, support was horrible and speed of development was slow. Compared to Simplero the choice was easy. Even while I was in startup mode in Simplero I saw several developments that spoke of a company in fast progression, and pretty much every month since I started using Simplero has given us great improvements to the service, reliability, and functionality. I have never even heard of a company that develops their product so fast and so reliable without losing the integrity and the simplicity of the product along the way. The changes are so many in fact that I am canceling other (and more expensive) services that I don't need anymore.

How have you integrated Simplero into your business?

Simplero has been at the very heart of the operations in my business for years now. I track my coaching clients, sell a wide variety of online courses and downloadables, have private forums, and even sell seats on my live workshops and longer 18-day live courses, - all of it through Simplero.

How has Simplero benefited your Business?

Simplero helps me communicate precisely with all these different customer segments. And since everything happens within Simplero, everything is handled by the system - from signup forms to segmentation automation, selling and handling customer requests. And since everything is in one place, my bookkeeping is also really easy!

What's something you've learned in business you'd wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

To get over your fears of rejection and just put yourself out there. They probably did tell me, but I wasn't ready to listen. Things are changing dramatically now that I write more articles, I am on YouTube and on other people's podcasts, etc.

What's a fun fact about you that someone would never guess?

I love building physical objects - like furniture and our big wooden terrace.


Anders_0004_Square_400-small.pngAnders Rønnau is fiercely committed to helping children, teenagers and adults transform their ADHD from the inside out through cognitive enhancement, and inspire them to become extra-ordinary with their unique gifts and talents.
He is the founder of where he helps parents to children with the ADHD diagnosis learn how to help their child transform their problems into their own natural super powers. 
Anders has coached hundreds of clients for more than 2500 hours in his practice, and he has worked with hundreds of parents and professionals to help them help children better. His workshops are acclaimed for leaving experiences educators, coaches and therapists with a new and clear insight into the
ADHD minds. 
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