You can't afford NOT to invest in yourself!

Back in 2001 when I was working for a software company ArsDigita, my boss hired me a coach. I still remember just how mind-blowingly impactful it was to talk to her. She helped me see many ways that I was deluding myself. It was so powerful I swore that I’d never go without a coach ever again.

And yet, when I moved back to Denmark the next year and started my first “real” business, I looked around to find a coach, but they all seemed too expensive so I ended up doing nothing. 

In fact, I forgot all about it until five years later. I was at a low point. Really struggling as an entrepreneur. Feeling like a complete failure. And then I remembered: Oh, right, coaching!

Looking back at it now, I was so stupid. Those five years without a coach cost me so much more than the coaching would have cost. By a long shot.

That’s the thing. Hiring a coach doesn’t cost money. Not hiring a coach costs money.

I finally took the plunge and hired a coach.

It was scary as heck. How do I know to trust this person? What if it’s a waste of money? What if I have to reveal parts of myself I’m ashamed of?

All of my fears turned out to be unfounded. It was a great experience, and since then I haven’t stopped investing in myself. 

I went from hiring that first coach (hello, Tina), to getting trained as coach education, to working with a spiritual teacher, to body therapy, and so much more.

These days I invest well over $300,000 each year in my own growth and development.

I have a health coach, a SaaS coach, a wealth coach, a relationship coach, a leadership coach, a life coach, and a CEO coach. All people I speak with on a regular basis.

I’m a member of eight different mastermind groups and similar communities.

I wouldn’t do any of that if I didn’t feel like it was well worth it.

One key insight, one key connection, one key belief change can shift the direction of your life for good.

That’s how I look at this type of investment. If I get just one critical insight out of it, it’s been well worth it. Assuming I act on it, of course...

I wanna know:

What’s been the most valuable investment you’ve made in yourself?

With love, 

Gratitude is a choice
THIS is the single most important thing to develop...


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