Gratitude is a choice

If you're not grateful for what you have now, don't expect to be grateful for what you'll have in the future. 

Gratitude is a choice. 

If you're constantly unhappy with things in your life, don't expect that the unhappiness to change when those things change.

Cuz that ain't how it works.

That part of you that's looking for reasons to be upset, unhappy, complaining, blaming, resisting what is, it's just going to find something else to complain about.

Because that's what it does.

So practice appreciating what's there right now. The more you do that, the better at it you get.

And no, that doesn't mean you'll stop improving.

It actually means you'll improve faster, cuz you're no longer pissing your energy away.

With (wait for it...) gratitude,

It's simple, really
You can't afford NOT to invest in yourself!


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