Does success make you less spiritual?

Will success make you less of a "spiritual" person?

Easy: Hell no!

If it does, your spirituality ain't worth sh*t.


In my world, God, Life, the Universe, the One Consciousness, whatever you call it, wants us to be rich and successful.

It wants us to have all of the material wealth at our disposal that we can possibly utilize.

Love great food? You should have that.

Love travel? You should have that experience.

Appreciate fine art? Absolutely, you should own that.

Like to have a nice, beautiful home? It should be yours!

Love learning and coaching and books and masterminds and seminars? You should have access to all of those.

As much as you can make use of.

In my world, the deeper into my spirituality I get—which to me translates into allowing Life to live through me unencumbered by ego—the wealthier I get.

And the wealthier I get, the deeper I get into my spirituality—because it allows me more tools and resources with which to dig in there.

It's a virtuous cycle, not a see-saw.

Does that resonate?

With passion,

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