Afraid of making mistakes? This is for you.

I was doing a live coaching call today with the Course Launch Challengers. (Last day to join is today.)

One of the questions that came up was about the fear of making mistakes.

Here's the thing, though:

You want to make mistakes.

In fact, I tell people on my team, if they don't f&#k up at least once a week, they're not taking enough chances.

I'll fire someone for not making enough mistakes. Seriously.

All the time you spend trying to avoid making mistakes is time you could spend getting stuff done.

Trying new things.

Taking a chance.

Nothing exciting ever came from playing it safe.

Ed Sheeran says the first hundred songs you write are crap. After that, they start to get pretty good, so you just gotta get them out of your system. 

Make more mistakes, and you'll probably find that you have a lot more successes, too.

With passion,

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