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I love this feeling of knowing I'll make something happen. Right now I'm feeling that with public speaking (it's a big part of my plan for raising the visibility of Simplero in 2016).

At first, there's hesitancy. You're not sure if you can do it. You'd like it, but you're also a bit torn. Maybe it requires a lot of effort or a lot of travel. Maybe it requires you to dig deep or to face some unpleasant truths. Maybe it's scary doing that thing, being on stage, performing in front of people, putting your heart and soul into creations that people may criticize. Maybe you don't feel worthy of it.

For a lot of reasons, you hesitate. Move forward a bit, then retreat. Change course. Doubt. The move forward a little bit again.

Until some day, something clicks. You're not sure how or what, but you feel it. All of a sudden you know. You know you'll nail this. You know you can do this. You want this. Yes, it's scary. Yes, it requires effort. Yes, it's vulnerable. But that's okay. You realize it's not really dangerous. It's just how we're wired.

I love that feeling. Going from "oh, I'd like this, maybe", to "no, I'll definitely figure this stuff out, I'll do what it takes, I'm determined"

Once you're determined, nothing can stop you. Doesn't mean you'll reach the skies, but it does mean that now your entire being is moving in tandem. Whatever obstacles are there will be melted away, moved through, overcome.

It's ultimately about commitment, but with the crucial understanding that commitment is not a mental event. It's a whole-body-mind event. Once all of the cells in your body is aligned around this, then you're a rocket that's been launched. Unstoppable. (Hopefully it won't explode or leave you alone on Mars. Haha.)

Before The Shift, you're obsessed about "what" and "how". After The Shift, the how and what becomes obvious and easy. You just do it. You find the answers. You get the help you need. Done.

We're Hiring for Head of Marketing and Sales

Like I said last week, I'm determined to really bump up the growth curve in 2016. So far we've been more than doubling annually, without doing any active marketing, and now I want to see if we can take that from 2x to 10x annual growth.

I'm looking for someone who absolutely loves what we're doing, who's got a great head and a beautiful heart, and who's eager to learn and grow at all levels—professionally, personally, skills and results, mindset, spiritually, everything. Someone who thinks and writes clearly and systematically, and really connects with and gets people. For the right person, this is an incredible opportunity.

Check out the job ad here.

We're So Proud of You!

Ciprian Soleriu, who's been with us for about a year. He recently did a webinar that netted him over $20,000 from a single webinar and one solid JV partner. 

That's very impressive, and thankfully he wrote up a detailed guide explaining and illustrating how he did everything.

He chose to use ActiveCampaign for his email marketing, but you can do everything he did with Simplero for your emails too.

And after he posted in our Facebook group, someone else copied his model, and got similar results. 

Are you looking to make a splash of a launch, using webinars? Just copy Ciprian's model, and you should be all set.

Love it!

Go read what Ciprian did now.

And: If you have success stories you'd like us to share here, please hit reply and let us know.


We're stilling intending to do a Simplero conference in New York City this year, but I need your help: 

What would make a Simplero conference absolutely irresistible to you?

Just hit reply, I read and respond to all replies to the newsletter.

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