8 hours a week

I used to hate working out.

Don't get me wrong. I'd do it. But I didn't enjoy it. It was a necessary evil.

If I could never work out and still feel okay, I'd do that.

That all changed in 2017 when Bengt Valentino Andersen challenged me to work out 8 hours a week.

At the time I was working about maybe 4-5 hours a week, and I thought I was doing pretty great.

Bengt just looked at me and said: "If you want the body you say you do, then you'll have to work out more than that."

Six hours if you're really focused.

Eight hours if you want some margin.

My jaw hit the floor.

It was so beyond anything I'd ever considered.

But I decided to take up the challenge.

I started tracking my exercise in a spreadsheet. By the minute. If I got behind one week, I'd have to catch up the next week. No cheating. No cutting corners.

Two months in, and I was addicted.

It's now been over two years, and I'm still going strong.

I know I can't imagine ever not working out. Why would I? I feel so great in my body, thanks to all the exercise.

In fact, I feel so great, I've quit alcohol, coffee, and junk food. Why would I consume any of that when I already feel great?

I want to start a movement of 8 hours a week.

I know everyone wants to work out as little as possible. 7-minute workout! 6-minute workout! 30-second workout!

But the magic happens when you go in the opposite direction.

Here's the thing: You only get one body.

You better take care of it.

No amount of business success can make up for an unhealthy body.

Everything we do in life comes down to the feeling.

If your body is crap, you're going to feel crap.

It's that simple.

Are you up for 8 hours a week?

With passion,

Who are you?
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