Who are you?

How you see yourself determines everything about your life.

Are you a success or a failure?

Are you a people person or not?

Are you a good leader?

Are you a good lover?

Are you strong or weak? Healthy or unhealthy? Disciplined or sloppy?

Your identity shapes your life.

But your identity is just a habit.

Every day you wake up, you have the opportunity to be someone new.

Your identity is just a set of beliefs currently governing your life. And you can change those beliefs.

I changed my name a while back. I used to be Lars Holger Pind. Now I'm Sheldon Calvin Norbert Correli.

I think that changing my name had a profound impact on my life.

Because so much identity is tied up in a name, it felt like it broke some really deep-seated patterns in the recesses of my mind.

It really helped me form a new identity, one that's much more in line with who I feel like I am at my core.

More importantly, it taught me some invaluable lessons about how fluid identity is.

I'm not saying you have to change your name. Though I do encourage it.

I am saying you don't have to be today who you were yesterday.

Be somebody new. Be even more unapologetically yourself.

Tell yourself who you are, and that's who you'll be.

With passion,

Command your mind
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