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This week we are excited to bring you the newsletter in two parts! This first part, with Simplero updates and tips on how you can use Simplero best for YOU, will be followed by Calvin's personal notes, and of course his random links and interviews on Friday.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this split, and of course also what you are interested in learning more about when it comes to all things Simplero! So, send Deanna an email at deanna@simplero.com with your questions and thoughts!

Did You Know You Could Do This?

Did you know you can offer a free or discounted trial price? This a great way to gain new customers and grow your list!

Offering a free week or month, or even a $1 trial, is a great way to pique interest in your list, products or community and even get some traction on social media like Facebook. Summer can be a slow time for businesses, so why not try offering a discounted subscription to a membership group to keep interest growing even through the less exciting part of the year? Watch our tutorial here!

For those of you who already offer discounted trial prices, you may want to email your new customer when their trial prices will be coming to an ends. To avoid the "surprised" customer emails about a charge or refunds, consider setting up a notification email.  You can send out a reminder at your given time frame to remind them of the upcoming charge. Or, you can also send a notification email that their trail price is ending with an option to cancel. To figure out which one is best for you, read the tutorial here.

New Features in Simplero

In keeping with the theme of last week, it's been a pretty damn busy week at Simplero. First off, we've added a much requested feature to Simplero: expense tracking. Up until now, it's only been possible to see how much you've earned through Simplero, but not what your final profit is. You can now go to Expenses under Products in the left hand menu in the administrative interface for your Simplero account and start tracking your expenses to get a live updating Profit and Loss balance. Neat, right? Better still, you can attribute an expense to a product, so you can get an overview of what costs are general for your business, and what the costs are for a specific product:


In less feature-esque news, French is now a fully supported language in Simplero.Thanks to the amazing work by Christelle Petry and Lyvia Débloque, Simplero is now fully translated into French for all the user facing parts, which we're super excited about. And we can't speak highly enough of everyone who helps out voluntarily in making sure Simplero is available in their language. Would you like to help out in translating Simplero to your local language? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Last but absolutely not lead, the new custom views have now been rolled out to almost all parts of Simplero. In addition to this, we now have a guide about how to use the new custom views and what features they offer, in case you missed it last week.

Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team

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