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A few weeks back we celebrated Simplero's birthday with the first and only sale we've ever done. The purpose of the sale was to acquire new customers and test price sensitivity in the market, so the discount was only for new customers, which naturally had a few existing customers asking if they could be a part of it as well.

One such email stood out, however, and it was from Anette Straadt of Æblebørn fame ("Applekids"). She wrote and asked what about us 'old' customers? What about something to keep us happy?

I explained that the whole point was to grow the customer base so we can hire more people and serve everyone better, and I'd be happy to do what I could to make her happy. What does she need? Love? World peace? Inner peace?

To which she replied: "Oh I would love a handsome, loving, intelligent boyfriend. Can you help me out? ;)".

And that, I can. I've worked with Gay and Katie Hendricks for years, and I know this is a challenge they're up to. So I bought one of their courses for Anette, and this is what happened next:

Anette Straadt on 2017-06-27 at 15.05.mp4

I just love it so much when people manage to organize themselves in a way that they can allow what they truly want to show up for them.

Instead of going for a zero-sum game, Anette managed to ask in a way that allowed me to serve her even better than if she'd just gotten a discount. And there's nothing that we love more here at Simplero HQ than being of service to people.

Oh, and Anette also managed to build a thriving, purposeful, and easeful business while being a single mom to three small kids, so if you're currently using that excuse, definitely take a listen.

Watch and learn from Anette. I know I sure took notes.

The universe truly wants to serve you in every possible way. How can you arrange yourself in a way that allows for it to happen?

With love,

Calvin's Random Links from around the Interwebs

Code mode is for real (see features section below).

For $2 a day you can become a yuppie.

Amazon's new customer—about Amazon's possible purchase of Whole Foods Market. I'm fascinated by this way of looking at it. I think it's a very powerful way to structure a business

Did You Know You Could Do This?

We often get questions about customers who don't have access to a space and why.  Are they logging in with the correct Simplero ID? Have they been given access to the content? Check out this quick troubleshooting guide to help find out what issues your user is running into.

We also have a few new features: a "search" function and a new refund feature.

Do you need help when troubleshooting? We would love to hear specifics from you! Email Deanna at with your questions! 

New Features in Simplero

It's been a busy week in Simplero featureland, with not one but two different features landing this week.

The first is the addition of refund periods to products. Often when selling a product – especially when it's at a higher price – offering a limited time full refund policy is a great way to get people in the door. However, when you do, you might want to make sure that people can only watch your content on your site and not download it while they're in the refund period, and require that they waive their right to a refund if they do want to download the content. Or, you may even want to make it possible for customers to get their refund without having to contact you – an option that is especially great for reducing the support burden if you have a lot of customers. If you go to the Content section for any of your products you'll find the new Refund period section and you can get both of these features with just a few checkboxes:

Refund period settings

As a customer, you'll see the following options if both feature are enabled:

Refund period

... in other words: no need to duplicate pages and deal with complicated automations to let people trial your product. Neat, right?

The other new feature we've added this week is something you might have noticed in using the Simplero administrative interface: we've replaced some of the old tables views with completely new, much more powerful versions. While the table themselves might look very similar to what they used to, the new thing is that you can now filter the data in your account by a lot more dimensions, reorder by a lot more columns, and pick which columns you want to see and in which order. Oh, and better still, you can save your favorite configurations as what we call custom views, which will show up as tabs above the table. In other words: do you often need to see all purchases made at a specific price, sorted by how much of the price has been paid? You can now have a tab for that:

Custom views in action

Oh, and you might also have noticed that we've put quite a bit of effort into making them a lot faster. We're already really loving the custom views here on the team, and we hope you get just as much enjoyment out of them. So far, we've rolled out the new custom views for lists, products, purchases and spaces, but it'll soon be in use across the entire administrative interface.


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