You're Not Separate



A lot of the pain and frustration that we human beings experience come from the idea that we're separate beings. That we're a something inside a bag of skin. I'm here, you're there, the table's there. The customers are there, the money are there. Things exist outside of myself.

I know that it seems so absolutely real, but when you stop to investigate it, to really look at it, you realize it's false. There cannot be a you without your surroundings. You're breathing air in and air out. You're always resting your weight on something. When you're walking, you cannot walk without constantly interacting the ground underneath you. If you weren't you'd just be flapping your legs around in the air.

To think that we're this separate thing existing in the world is laughable, and yet this is how most of us go around thinking about our lives, the world, and our role in it.

cauliflower-medium.jpgWe come out of this world. The world creates people, through other people. The world peoples. It's just what it does. We're the result of that. And we're intimately connected to everything. Everything supports you.

When you start thinking in this way, you can enter into the flow of life. You can let yourself be carried along on the river of life. It's a flow. You don't need to control it, to fight to maintain your position, to fight to survive. You can still have dreams and goals and plan, but you realize that at the end of the day, you're just being, just being used or being played by something.

water-play-medium.jpgThere's so much peace and so much joy in being in the world in this way. There's nothing to resist. There's no need to hold on to anything. There are no decisions to make. Decisions make themselves when the time is right, and they're always the right decisions. No exception.

The illusion that we have control, that we need to control things, to manipulate, to strategize, to get the upper hand, that's what causes the suffering.

So build your business from that place. Just be. Be fully a part of life, with no resistance.

And when resistance does come up, as it will, because, well, we're human, that, too is just a part of life, so you don't fight the resistance. You roll with that, too.

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