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Last week we shared about Lead Scores! Many of you were interested in how to used and add lead scores to a contact, so here is what you need to know to get started. Every contact in the system will start out with a lead score of zero. You will need to determine what product, links and so forth need to be triggers to give or take away to their score. You can adjust their starting lead score manually by editing their contact lead score number, or leave it as 0.  Each time a user buys a product, or clicks a link, their score will then increase or decrease based on your trigger previously set up.   This will help you keep a visual pulse on your contacts, who is clicking what links in marketing emails, if they are purchasing products and so forth.  The sky is the limit!

Make sure to check out the whole guide and watch the video on Lead Score here.

New Features in Simplero

We've been hard at work on a pretty exciting addition to your Simplero site, which we hope to be able to announce next week.

However, we do have one pretty exciting addition to the last couple of weeks' releases of lead score related functionality: you can now set your lead scores to decay over time. As lead scores are amazing for keeping track of how "hot" a lead is, it also follows naturally that over time, a lead will get "colder." To have this accurately be reflected in the lead score of your contacts, they have to slowly go down over time. This is now supported in Simplero, and completely automatic.

You define what's known as a "half-life", which is a number indicating how long it should take the lead score to halve. Then, each day, the lead score is reduced by the amount necessary to honor that half-life. Now, we know that not one size fits all, so the half-life is of course fully adjustable if you go to Settings > Account:

Adjusting the lead score half-life

If you don't want your lead score to go down over time, simply leave the value empty, and we won't touch your lead scores. We swear.

With this, lead scores are now a truly powerful tool in your Simplero toolbox. Got a cool use case for it? We'd love to hear about it!

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