20686946_110635209611541_7956240531439222784_n-medium.jpgSometimes when I sit down to write these newsletters, I feel blank. 

And I really don't like feeling blank.

I like knowing exactly what to say. I like having all the answers. I like having it all figured out and being able to tell it like it is. I love being right.

But right now I'm drawing a blank, and the best I know how to do is speak the truth.

The truth is, I'm worried that I might write something that doesn't connect. I'm afraid I'll write something, and you're reading it, and it just doesn't seem relevant to your life at all. I'm scared of writing something that's not personal enough, so you can't feel me. I'm terrified of writing something that's too personal, and you feel uncomfortable, or feel like it's just weird that I'm being this personal.

Sometimes writing comes easy to me, and I know exactly what I want to say. But often, it doesn't.

Sometimes I hear what I'm writing, and I can tell it's just well-worn old beliefs that I've spewed a hundred times before, and I'm kinda tired of Calvin824-medium.2.jpglistening to myself saying them. Are they even true, or is it just something I convinced myself of at some point, and now I'm still spouting them?

Today, though I'm blank. I don't know what to write.

I've found that, when I'm blank, it usually helps to start with just speaking the truth: I'm blank. I don't know what to write. I'm afraid what I write won't connect with you...

I want you to know that I love you, and if I could say just that thing that would make you feel whole and complete, and clear in your mind, so you'd know exactly what to do next, I would, in a heartbeat.

That's all I ever aspire to do.

I hope that, at least every once in a while, I succeed.

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