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Join us for Office Hours!

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on Office Hours! It is always great to connect with you during the week, answer your questions face to face and share new ways to help Simplero work the best for you! For those of you who are new to Simplero, Office Hours are face to face times with us, answering questions about your account, using Simplero in general or specifics. These office hours are free and they're designed to be heavy on the Q&A - we want to get you the answers you need to get into action with your Simplero account.

This week, we have Office Hours scheduled for This Thursday at 11am CEST (Danish time) covering Membership Sites! You can sign up for Danish/ UK Times right here ! Our next English Office Hours will be held Next Thursday: October 12th! Sign up here for US Hours. Once you sign up, just hit reply and let us know what you would love to us cover!

Simplero Certification Program

We are gearing up to launch a new Simplero Certification Program.  If you are a VA or know a VA who loves Simplero and is knowledgeable about Simplero, we would love for you to sign up here!  We will be sending out news on the program launch soon, and want to make sure everyone who is interested is on the list!

Did you know you could do this?

We are so excited to see you all using Membership Sites! Keep up the amazing work Simpleristas! Make sure that you check out our new guides to help you navigate creating your new Membership Sites. We have added a few more guides this past week.  So be sure to check out the latest guide on Quizzes!

Have you ever looked at our Troubleshooting Guides? We have a come up with some common issues and FAQs users have. These guides are to help you trouble shoot your user's questions about accessing their Simplero accounts. Have you ever had a contact ask why they don't have access to their purchased content? This guide is going to guide you through the steps to check to see what the issue may be.  Another question we often get is why users are not receiving email notifications, or receiving too many notifications, about forum conversations in a space. But sure to check out this guide to help you double check your settings! Be sure to check out our full Troubleshooting Guides section. Have another topic we should add to our FAQ? Just hit reply to this email and let us know was FAQs you have!

New Features in Simplero

Following hot on the heels of last week's announcement of the new membership sites (of which we have already seen some truly awesome examples from all of you!) we've been busy adding some of the must requested features to membership sites. This is quite a list, but the single most requested one was the ability to also auto-publish course lessons, and to not have the module structure show up when participating in a course, but rather just have it be a stream of lessons. After looking at the use cases you guys had, we decided that our initial design was indeed to limiting and added both of these possibilities. We hope that these changes make courses even more powerful for all the different types of content you guys provide.

In addition to this, a close second in terms of requests was the addition of the Podcast feature that so many of you loved in Spaces to Courses. Courses now have a simple checkbox setting to enable podcasts and function the exact same way you know it from Spaces, which means that each member has a unique podcast feed that gives them access to the same content they have access to in the course:


Last but not least, you can now also easily duplicate pages on a site, in case you need to use the same structure or want to save a copy before you make major changes.

Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team

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