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Join us for Office Hours!

We just want to thank you all for joining us for Office Hours and making them so wonderful! We love sharing the ins and outs of Simplero and helping you make the most of your business. If you have any feedback you would like to share, you are always welcome to hit the reply button and drop us a notes to let us know what you think about these Q&A Times!  If you are a new to Simplero and don't know what I am talking about, Office Hours is face to face time with us! It is a time for us to answer the questions you may have about your account, using Simplero in general or specifics. These office hours are free and they're designed to be heavy on the Q&A - we want to get you the answers you need to get into action with your Simplero account. Thank you to those of you who joined us yesterday for our English/US Office Hours session! Missed it this week? No problem! We have a few options for you!

Sign up here for Office Hours next Monday, October 23rd at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST and/or Thursday November 2nd at 4pm PST / 7pm EST

There will be no Danish Office Hours due to Fall Break.  But you can sign up for Thursday October 23rd or November 2nd both at 11am Danish time/ CEST.

Did you know you could do this?

Because Simplero is so flexible, you can create many different products using the same Space or Members site by autopublishing pages or restricting access on the module. Did you know that you could use the same space for different levels of a course or product you wish to sell? Simplero makes it incredibly easy to house all your related content in one place, and give access to various products! Maybe that means collecting mini course in one places for individual or bundled sales or a program with multiples levels of access! These are option available to you in created your content! Read more about how to do that in this guide!

We just announced last week an exciting new feature that can take your multi level access products to the next level! You now have the option to disable downloading media content for a product across not just in a space or membership sites, but also now in the product itself, rather than only being able to control this on a per-site basis. Read about how to restrict access in a product here.

New Features in Simplero

The response to and of adoption the new membership sites and courses has been nothing short of overwhelming, and we're super excited to see how quickly you all have filled all the content that has been created and moved over to new membership sites and courses. One pattern we've seen a lot of you use is to create entire course portals and provide members with an overview page that lists all the courses the individual member has access to. This is great if everyone gets access to all your courses at once. But, what if you give access to individual courses in different products or at different times, like you would by following the guide above? How do you then create an overview of the courses accessible to a member?

This week we've introduced a new section you can add to a page on a membership site that takes care of just this problem: the Course catalog section. Simply add this section to a page, and your members get an easy overview of their course material:

Course catalog

In addition to this we've made a number of minor additions and changes to the membership sites. First off, blog posts, forum posts and comments on membership sites now also feature full support from emojis as you know it across the rest of the platform. We know how much everyone loves emojis, so the fun of course shouldn't be limited on the new membership sites! tada In addition to this, you can now also auto-publish course content and membership site pages in autoresponders, making it even easier to provide drip access to your content in a product.

Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team

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