I've been really excited about visualizing things recently. I suddenly remembered that when we moved to New York a couple years ago and struggled to find an apartment, Gay Hendricks did a visualization with us where we pretended it was a year from that day, and we were sitting in the perfect apartment, and we were thinking back at just how easy it all had been. Just a week or two after that, we were in fact sitting in our own apartment, and it had indeed been super easy!

These days I'm "reading" (aka listening to on audiobook) Warren Buffet's biography, The Snowball, and one scene struck me. A ten year old Warren Buffett is visiting the New York Stock Exchange, and gets to have lunch at the Exchange with an important-looking Dutch man, and at that lunch, the Dutchman has a custom-made cigar made for him on the spot.

Buffett is not terribly concerned about smoking it, but it becomes the symbol of wealth for him, and he decides to get so rich that he can afford that kind of frippery for himself.

That day, as he beheld the cigar man, a vision of his future was planted.

He kep that vision when he went back to Omaha, old enough now to organize his quest and pursue it all the more systematically. Even as he followed the pastimes of an ordinary boy, playing basketball and ping-pong and collecting coins and stamps; even as his family mourned his small, sweet grandfather, John Stahl, who died that year at age seventy-three—the first loss in his life—he worked with a passion for the future he saw ahead of him, right there in sight. He wanted money.

Needless to say, he got it.

I think we tend to underestimate the power of these visualizations. I know I do.

Their power comes from helping us get clarity, clean up cross purposes, getting our subconscious working for us, and ... signaling to the universe.

Try playing around with visualization. Feel how it feels in your body when you imagine your new reality. Notice where there's resistance.

And above all, keep it easy and fun, and remember to invite spirit to help out.

I firmly believe the Universe wants us to have all that we desire, it's just that we tend to get in our own way a lot.

Give it a go, and let me know what you find!

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