How Robin Green Moved Her Website to Simplero in An Hour

We often wish that the backend operations of our online businesses would just work themselves out. That our course would just fall out of our brains and into a piece of software ready to sell. That money magically flowed into our bank accounts. And that our website could just build itself.

As much as we wish that was true and for as often as we see what look like "overnight success" stories, the reality is that building a business can take work.

Robin Green found that out when she took her acupuncture business online in 2013.

After time, the colors, the look, the feel just started to feel really dated. This year I'd been thinking actually all year long that I wanted to update it, and it just seemed really overwhelming to do that, to change it. Then I thought, I've pretty much done all my websites DIY, and I really didn't want to have to pay somebody to like recreate a new website. Because honestly, every time I pay somebody to do it, I'm never totally happy with it either.

So when Robin was talking with Deanna here on the Simplero team about her predicament, Deanna knew just the solution: Simplero's Site feature.

Robin checked it out and decided she's put time in on a weekend to move everything from Wordpress to Simplero. Little did she know she'd have a working front page in just an hour.

Well, it's better when Robin tells it. Here's her story in an interview with our founder, Calvin:

Before Simplero, Building Her Site Was Guesswork

One of the things was, I have another website at that's also on WordPress. Trying to create this look on that website is so difficult. I will go back and have to make pictures four and five times, and I'm trying to adjust and then I think, "No, I don't want the button here, I want the button there." It doesn't always work. What I loved about working with it right away was how simple it was to create the picture. I knew exactly what to do. Behind the scenes, it says, "This is the size picture you need for your hero header." I said, "Okay, that's all I need is to this size." 

 Robin found that there are so many choices on Wordpress it's overwhelming. Nothing is easy when you're stuck in analysis paralysis so switching to something more intuitive just made good business sense.

Maintaining her site is a breeze



Once I had figured out the look and feel of the website, and how I wanted to walk people through what they could do, and how they could work with kids on my site, then I started to just get more advanced. I was able to put in my book that I've published. Then I was able to come down here and have on the very front page my featured courses, which is really exciting because I felt that before, on the other website, basically below these boxes here was just my blog. I couldn't put anything else on it without having to start from scratch.  

And when it's time to update it? Well, that's easy too:

Oh my gosh, it's super easy, first of all. I'll just go in and I'm able to log into my regular Simplero admin, go to the site, and then find the page I want to edit, and click the edit button. Then it's super easy to add features or to add a picture or take a picture out or just drag and drop and move things around if I want them in a different order on the site, which I'm such a visual person, so it's all right there. You can see exactly what you're doing.

All without losing a bit of the SEO and link goodness she'd worked so hard to build on her own site.

Robin's enthusiasm for the Simplero site feature is contagious. Not only is Robin happily selling her courses through Simplero, she's ditched her Wordpress website for the ease and fun that comes with a Simplero site. 

Want to switch your site over too? Here's how to get started today!


You can learn more about Robin and what she does on her Simplero Site: 

And, check out her Membership site for Parents! 

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