Who's got your money?

I got an email from Grant Cardone today with a topic that I wanted to share with you because I love it so much.

It's the question in the subject line:

Who's got your money?

If you want to make more money, well, then you gotta figure out who currently has the money that you want, and what exchange you can make with them, so they willingly hand over that money to you.

All of the money in the world currently resides in someone's hands. Some person, or group of persons, control the purse strings.

So who is it?

And what offer can you make them so they'd rather give that money to you than keep it to themselves.

Money is useless on its own.

It's only valuable when it changes hands.

It's only valuable when it gets you something.

We all want something.

Who has your money, and what do they want?

It's a powerful question.

Maybe you just want a little money.

In that case, you may only need to find 10 people who have your money and make them a simple offer.

Maybe you want a lot of money.

In that case, you'll either have to find a lot of people who each want to give you a little money, or fewer people, each of whom gives you a lot of money.

In either event, you've got a road map.

Play with it. See where it takes you.

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