Emotional turmoil part one

I saw this pinned tweet from David Cancel, founder of Drift.

He says:

The hardest thing for an entrepreneur is not what you think.

No one ever talks about it but this will make or break you.

People? Process? Product?


It's dealing with the emotional turmoil. Managing the emotional rollercoaster is the hardest skill you must master.

How are you doing with that piece?

I have a sense, if you're part of the Simplero family, you're above average on this.

If that's true for you, you can pat yourself on the back: You've figured out one of the hardest pieces of entrepreneurship. And, really, of life.

The one thing that made the biggest difference to me when it comes to managing the emotional roller coaster is this:

Focus on the physical sensations in the body.

All feelings come down to a physical sensation somewhere in your body.

Maybe it's a wobbliness in your belly.

Maybe its waves of something up your chest.

Maybe it's tingling at the side of your head.

Or tension in your shoulders.

Whatever it is, focus on that. Pay close attention. Feel your body from the inside. Really notice how it actually feels.

Ignore the thoughts. Ignore the labels. Ignore the stories. Just focus on what you can sense in your body.

That's all a feeling is.

How bad is this sensation right now?

Can you live with it?

Are you still okay?

I bet you are.

Also notice that, as you pay close attention to this, it shifts. Your sensations keep moving and evolving. That's natural. Let them.

I have one other key insight to manage emotional turmoil. I'll share it next week.

Till then, pay attention to your body sensations, and you're halfway there to entrepreneurial mastery.

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