The big three

Something I've started to do religiously is deciding on my big three for the day.

Each day, I decide on the top three things I need to get done today.

The most strategically important thing to get done.

The thing that's going to move me forward.

It could even be just one or two things. It doesn't have to be three.

It really helps me focus.

I can have a dozen other to-dos, and if I get to them, that's great. But my big three, they always get done.

Unless shit's really going down.

It's been a game-changer.

I feel so much more clear.

When the day is over, I feel accomplished. I know I got the most important things done.

Usually, the energy from doing that helps me get a bunch of other things done as well.

It's really great.

In fact, it's so great we've started doing it on the entire team, and we're doing it not just for the week, but also for the week and the quarter ... and the year.

What are the top three things we each must get done this quarter? Then that flows down to this week. Which flows down to today.

That's how you make sure you get where you want to go.

Consistency is key.

Keep getting the most important tasks done each day, and pretty soon you'll be much further along than you thought.

Give it a try.

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