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Create beautiful websites and landing pages in a heartbeat

Simplero website pages, membership site pages, and stand-alone landing pages all use the same page editing system.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to build fast.

The best part? It will integrate seamlessly with your email, courses, e-commerce, etc. They are all part of the same system.

No multiple logins.

No worries about updates, security risks, plugins, backups, and spammers. 

Simplero handles all of that for you.

Your affiliate program is built right in. No need for a whole other platform.

Use your network to build a team to promote your offers for you. 

  • Two-tier system (upstream and downstream affiliates)
  • Use PayPal MassPay to pay out your affiliates when you're ready
  • Run more than one affiliate program at the same time.  
  • Super granular controls - one affiliate can earn a different commission than another affiliate in the same program
  • Use the autogenerated Affiliate Dashboard to share links and swipe copy with your affiliates
  • Communicate with your affiliates inside the platform.  Did they forget to send their Tax ID?  No sweat, just message them right from their application

Build a list, segment it, broadcast and automate your emails

Simplero makes it fast and easy to automate your communication and your content.

  • Resend to people who didn't open your email
  • Target people who clicked a link in your email
  • Split-test your subject lines
  • Get reminded when it's time to write next week's newsletter
  • Drip out your course content by the Lesson, the Module, the Page or the Course
  • Send people through different nurture sequences depending on what tags or other attributes they have (Got a Lead Gen Quiz?)
  • Offer webinar participants a time-limited offer that is different depending on whether they attended live or not
  • Send to Everybody except people who bought this already
  • Send to Everyone who's never bought anything from you
  • Send to People who have this tag but not that tag

The possibilities are endless.

Know all about your customers

Besides all the Email tracking data, Simplero tells you which members engage with your content, so you can know (and take action) when someone

  • accesses your membership site content
  • completes a lesson
  • completes a worksheet
  • visits a specific page
  • creates a post on your forum

Plus, Simplero will show you how many of your course videos people watch, for example.

And you can look at your whole course to see how many times your members view each lesson.

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