Is your business and your family conflicting? + Order Bumps

Anette asks:

"I am afraid that I loose focus on my loving family, - but I am sad about not offering more of my skills to other people, because I know that I can help them a lot getting more meaning in their life."

Check out my answer here:


Lots of love,

Did You Know You Could Do This?

Our Basic Plan and higher, offer a great feature called Automations.  Automations can help you automate giving and revoking access to spaces and pages, trigger emails or text notifications, and ev…

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I Can Haz Monies?

For this episode, Georgian Benta asks a really great question that I think a lot of you can really relate to. It basically boils down to: How can I have a better relationship with money (and have more of it).

It's such a great question that touches on so many aspects of life, and I really went deep on this one.

If you've been too busy to watch the last few episodes, this is definitely the one to get back in the game for.


Let me know what you think.

I'm so looking forward to hearing what yo…

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