Help! My Sales Page Does Not Covert!

Have you set up the perfect product or service and not a single person buys your product? 

shutterstock_367533605.jpgYour first thought might be “There is something wrong with my sales page” especially if you can see that a lot of people have looked at your sales page, but still no one is buying.

You might be right. Maybe your sales page simply isn’t good enough. But the truth is, there can be 100 other things that affect your sales. Even if your sales page is perfect, you can end up with no sales.

I vote that we change that and get you some sales!

So the next time you are ready to pull out your hair, because no one is buying your product here are the most important things affecting how well your already perfect sales page will convert.

Does your product solve a problem?

The best place to start when you are troubleshooting a low-converting sales page is to look at your product and what you offer. Maybe your offer simply isn’t worth the attention of your customers.  This is probably not because you have a bad product.  It is just not clear to your customer that they need your product. That is why your offer is the first thing you focus on when your sales page does not convert.

The same product can sell less or more, depending if you just sell a product or if you solve a problem.

It is important that you solve a problem for your customer!

For example, you can sell a workshop in raising kids or you can sell a workshop on how to get your kids to listen without raising your voice and therefore having a bad conscience when the day is over.

You can sell a yoga retreat or you can sell an escape from everyday life to eliminate stress with strengthening yoga exercises in peaceful surroundings.

You can sell life coaching or you can sell a clear path to get unstuck and reach your goals faster.

If you are in doubt about what offer is the best, ask your audience what they are attracted to most.  You can use your favorite social media tool for this or add two buttons in your newsletter and take a vote. 

Do you have a strong header?

You only have a nanosecond to influence your customer to stay on the page.  

When your customer opens your sales page, they must be able to tell what problem you solve and how to buy your product without having to scroll down on the page.  You need those components to be "above the fold". It must be clear to them even if they are 10 feet away from the screen. 

The very first things your customer should see when they open your sales page are your headline, colors, header image and your button.

Does your headline show what problem you solve?

Not only does your headline have to explain what problem you solve, it must also be so visible that you customers reads it with their sub-conscious.

Right there, right now, your customer knows what this product is about. It is okay to have a sub-headline, but make it short and clear. Once again if you are in doubt, ask around. Show your headline to your neighbor or to the server at the local coffee shop. If they can tell you what problem you are solving, just by reading your headline, then you did a good job.

Do your images and colors fit your audience?

It matters if you sell products to doctors or newlyweds or to farmers or mommies.

Make sure to pick the images and colors that attract your perfect customer. Your images must create a feeling of belonging for your customer and at the same time relate to what you sell.

Can I buy your product?

I know that you probably do want to sell me something, but have you actually made it easy for me to buy your product?

Your customer might already have decided to buy your product, but before they find your purchase button, they get distracted. The cat just vomited a big hair ball or the alarm goes off on their car or as simple a thing as a good night kiss can make them forget all about your product and make them never return again...

Ohhh if you were a fly on the wall in those situations. You would have wished that you had put that “Buy Now button” above the fold, so they did not waste any time looking for it.

Does your button stand out?

Make it stand out by picking a color that has a high contrast to the other colors on your page and repeat your button several times on your landing page. Then you are sure to have a button available when your customer feels the urge to buy your product.

Do you make it easy for your customers to reach their goals?

You don’t want to sell more than you can deliver. But you do want to sell everything that you deliver and you want to describe the process as simply as possible.

I will encourage you to break it up in 3 simple steps because that is what your customer can consume without being overwhelmed.  For example, you could have the following steps: 

  • Sign up and get comfortable
  • Listen to the modules
  • Follow the easy step-by-step manual

Do you feel it? This is the feeling of ease, and it is your job to deliver that to your customer on the salespage.

Who do you talk to?

Sometimes you might think you know what your customer wants. But you want your customers to feel like you are talking directly to them.  Like you read them like an open book. To do this, you need to know your customers' real problems, fears, dreams and, not least of all, language.

You suffer from some small damage from working in your field for several years. The words you think are common words known and used by everyone might actually not be that common.  You can realize this when you start listening to your customers and audience.

My best advice is to ask your audience on your favorite social media channel about their struggles, fears, mistakes, issues, things blocking them and their dreams.

Write the words and examples they use in your copy for your salespage.  When you do that, your customers don’t only think you are the right person, they know it.  You talk their language and it feels like you have been inside their brain (and you sort of have… it was just on facebook instead.. But shh… you don’t have to tell them that).

Do you feel the pain?

As long as your customer is feeling all right, they are most likely not going to take action on your offer. People have an amazing ability to neglect their pain because it is impossible to think about it 24/7. So if you do not do a good job at recalling that feeling of pain in your sales copy, you will most likely miss out on sales.

It is your job to make your customer remember what it feels like to struggle with those problems and emotions. When your customer reads your copy, they must be able to feel the pain, because the pain is what they want to get rid of.  The pain is what your product is solving.

Don’t be afraid to tell your own story, so they can see that you know the feeling.  You felt the same way and you found a solution that made you stronger.  And it can make your customer stronger as well.

Is it urgent?

Is there any reason your customer should buy your product now and not wait until tomorrow? Remember, your customer can only spend the same money once. You are not only competing with other entrepreneurs in your niche, you are also competing with a broken dishwasher, a pair of worn out jeans and an electrical bill. So it is probably better to wait to buy that course of yours…  Unless, “oh wait… the offer is gone tomorrow? Okay… I can do the dishes by hand one more month”.

How to make it urgent

  • The price is time limited (use a countdown timer!)

  • There are a limited amount of products/seats

  • There is a desirable special bonus for a limited time only

  • They are losing out every day that they do not have your product

Is your sales page cluttered?

No one reads a sales page!

All this talk about what to say, do and write on your sales page, and now I am telling you that no one reads your sales page?  Yes, I am sorry, but it is the brutal truth.

But you can use this to your advantage.

People visit your sales page because they are curious.  They scroll quickly down the page and they only stop if something catches their attention.

So, avoid hiding your selling points in long paragraphs on your page. If people have to search for the information, you lose them!

Your job is to make things stand out.

  • It can be a short sentence with an important point in a bigger font in the middle of the page
  • You can use white space to beautifully force the eye to look at the only thing not white at that part of the screen
  • You can use a great image with the text
  • Bullets do an amazing job when it comes to catching someone’s eye
  • Or maybe you have done a good job at using contrasting colors

Do you know who to sell to?

Before you even think about selling anything, you must create a clear vision of who your perfect customer is.  This is also known as your avatar. Defining your avatar will help you send out a clear message in your sales page, in your emails and in your marketing in general.

Did you take the time to define your avatar?

If not, now is the time to do it!

Do you have enough leads?

On average 1-2% of your leads will buy your product (the number will be higher or lower depending on how well you do on all the other stuff in this blog post).

So, if you want to sell 10 spots you might need more than 100 leads on your list!

Are your leads hot or cold?

A lead that visits your sales page directly from an ad, without first knowing you or your business, is not as easy to convert as a person that already knows the value you will be able to bring into their life.

If you are running ads to a whole new audience it is often better to direct them to a webinar, or some other free thing, where they can get to know you. The higher the price for your product, the more important this is.

Is your branding consistent?

When running ads, it is very important that your colors, images, fonts, and words are the same in the ads and the salespage - otherwise you will lose sales! People need the reassurance that they are visiting the right page from the ad.  If it looks or sounds too different, they will wonder if something is wrong.  Plus it looks more professional to be consistent.

Are you targeting the right audience?

It goes without saying that you must sell your product to the right audience. Make sure to double check that the leads you have collected for your list are actually looking to get the same problem solved as the one you are solving.

It does not help to have 1000 people on your email list if they want to buy a tractor and you are selling ballet shoes.

Are they hungry?

By doing social media posts and email series you can make your audience hungry. If you have done a really great job at this, you will have people on your list that are willing to set an alarm in the middle of the night to buy your product when you open up the sale.

Because this is what they have been waiting for and they don’t want to miss out!

But this only happens if you have done a good job at teasing and promoting before you open up the sale.

Do they know they have a problem?

You might think that you want to help people to sleep better, but if your customers don’t know that they don’t sleep well, they are not going to buy your product.

They might know that they are tired during the day, but that can be caused by a lot of things…

You have to make sure that your audience is well aware of the symptoms of the problem you solve. This should be an ongoing education on your social media and in your emails. Your audience must have no doubt that when they experience “this”, it is because they need you to fix “that”. 

Does your audience have the money and are they willing to spend it?

Make sure to build your product to fit an audience that is willing and able to spend money on a solution. Unfortunately, it is often not the people that need it the most that are ready to spend the money and solve the problem. If that is the case, you must change your target audience.

Do they know you?

A lot of business owners forget how important it is to build rapport with a webinar or an automated series of emails when it comes to creating a high converting sales page. Your customer must feel safe to give you their money to solve their problem. They better they know you and the value you can bring to them, the better the chance that they will buy your product.

Do you send everybody to your sales page?

Of course, it is a good call to get as many as possible to see your sales page. But you must also be aware that it will affect your conversion statistics.

That is why a webinar, a series of 3-5 videos, or another goodie followed by a series of emails is a good way to get rid of the people that are not interested in your product.

Your goodie serves two purposes. It makes sure that the right people see your product and it makes sure that the wrong people leave as soon as possible. Win win!

The amount of emails you send will affect your sales

Way too many businesses send out too few emails to sell their product. You might be afraid to lose subscribers if you send too many emails. But you should be more afraid that you are leaving someone behind that wanted to buy, but forgot to, because you sent out too few reminder emails.

As long as you remember to entertain and tell a good story in every email, then you are good to go!  And hey.. they can just buy your product, then you will not send any more emails about the offer.


Are you visible?

The best case scenario is that everywhere people turn their heads, there you are. But when you are not a movie star featured in the movie of the century, that is not so easy. You can still make sure that you are visible to your audience.

  • Write them an email at least every week
  • Do posts on social media on a daily basis
  • Use your email lists to run targeted ads

These few things will make sure you are top of mind when they need to get their problem solved.

Are you trustworthy?

Remember to bring value to the table and use testimonials to show that others found your product valuable.

It is always better to let other people tell your audience how valuable you are, rather than you telling them how valuable you are. So remember to get those testimonials the next time you sell your product, so you can share them with the world (and on your salespage).

Are you an authority?

You must be the person that they trust can solve their problem. But do you believe it yourself? Are you proud and does it show (in your branding and on your sales page) that you are confident that you are THE ONE to solve their problem?

Professional photos of yourself on your salespage will go a long way, but the words you use and the price of your product also say a lot about your authority.

How’s the weather?

And then there are all the other things that are hard to do something about, such as the weather, world news, holidays and other special events.

If you do run into these things, relate the news or the weather to your offer - or simply extend or reschedule your launch.

Last but not least - the right price

What is the right price?

The right price is when both you and your customer are happy with the purchase.

Supply and demand will generally determine the price but all the factors we described above will also affect how high a price you can successfully charge.

That’s it!

If you haven’t already, you may want to bookmark this page in your browser, so it is easy for you to get back to next time you build a sales page or your sales page doesn’t convert that way you had hoped…

Tell us your tips!  What works for you when you are launching a new product?

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