Limits to growth

It seems most people will only grow so much, and then they stop. They reach their level of comfort, and they decide, this is good enough.

I don't understand that mindset. To me, it's always good enough, and never good enough, at the same time.

There's nothing in my life that I feel must change, must be any different. And yet, there's nothing in my life that I'm not excited about improving and learning more about every day.

It's not about getting to any place. It's not even about the outcome – the relationship, the business, the money, the team, the product, any of that.

It's about learning. Getting better. Playing the game well. Being a better player. Because it's fun and challenging.

Do you agree? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! 

With love, 

THIS is the single most important thing to develop...
How do you want to feel?


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