The most powerful force in the universe

The human creative life force is my North Star.

My mission is to unleash the creative human life force as much as I can.

A creative human life force is what makes products and services.

  • It creates art.
  • It solves problems.
  • It invents new technologies.
  • It makes food.
  • It builds houses.
  • It makes babies.
  • It makes us feel alive.

Creative human life force is what makes life worth living.

With eight billion people, there's an incredible amount of it available. Possibly the greatest energy source ever.

But so much of it gets wasted.

Think about it.

Our natural state is to be strong, healthy, alive, full of energy and life.

But look around!

How many people do you see who are like that?

Fired up. Life ON!

How many? Probably not a lot.


Because we're throwing our life force down the drain.

Wasting it. Not valuing it. Not understanding it.

It gets wasted by limiting beliefs.

By lack of exercise.

By all the crap we eat.

By alcohol and drugs.

By insecurities.

By fear.

By stupid rules.

My mission is to help eliminate as many of those as I can in my lifetime.

Expose limiting beliefs and harmful lies.

Encourage people to move and eat well and be full of joy, full of life.

Ignite people's passion, so they can use that fire to burn through all the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual garbage they've absorbed so far.

Help them identify their mission, their purpose, their "why", the thing that really gets them going.

Help them know who they are.

We're so confused in our society right now.

But we can fix this.

Let's create a massive coalition of coaches, educators, scientists (the kind who's actually applying the scientific method), spiritual leaders, marketers, technologists, thinkers, and investors.

Together we can really make a ding in the universe over the next decade or two.

Let's get to work!

You in?


It's okay to suck at marketing
It's simple, really


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