Small actions matter way more than you think

It's easy to tell ourselves "arhh, this little thing doesn't matter."

I'll just cut a corner here.

One bite of dessert can't hurt.

One drink.

One commitment I don't hold.

But they do.

For several reasons.

One, because each little action adds up over time.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

How do you lose 100 pounds? One-tenth of a pound at a time.

Two, because they train your mind.

Each time you honor your commitment to yourself, live your values, stick with the plan, on whatever it is, you train your mind that that's how you operate.

So you get better at being consistent, and consistency is what brings results.

And three, because of the ripple effects that you may never even know about.

You smiling to that driver, or showing up energized, or saying a kind word, or just acting in a disciplined way, might inspire someone else to smile or up their game or live their values.

Who knows what it could lead to?

So many times in our own lives, we've seen the effects of just one small action.

So remember: All actions count, especially the small ones.


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