Who are you for?

Last week I did a bunch of live marketing strategy and workshopping with the participants in the Laptop Lifestyle Challenge, and the issue that came up over and over again was: Who are you for?

Who's your ideal client?

Picture an actual real human being that you know that you would love to work with and that you know there are plenty of others just like them.

What does that person need?

What is their pain as they experience it?

What do they want, in their words?

If you were to work with that person, what's the first thing you'd do? Then the next? Then the next?

We're the experts. We've already acquired all this knowledge. We've learned the lingo.

They haven't. They don't care about the lingo. They don't want to learn all of this stuff. if they did, they'd be a teacher themselves.

They are in pain, and they have something they want.

They just want your help getting out of pain and getting that result.

So get really clear on who you're for, and focus everything you do around that person.


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