The punchline got me

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gay Hendricks again yesterday. He's always such a joy to be with.

This time, he said something in particular that really resonated with me.

He told the story of a nun. She'd been a nun for 40 years. A long long time.

Then this man visited the monastery. And by the time he got up at 7:30, she was already out in the garden praying.

The next morning, he got up at 6:30. Still, she was out there praying.

The next morning, he set the alarm for 5.30, only to again find the nun already up and praying in the garden.

He asked her: Listen, you've been a nun for 40 years, why are you still working so hard at it?

Her reply?

"I don't wake up a nun!"

Every day, we have to make the choice all over again.

Am I going to focus on gratitude?

Am I going to focus on the things I can control?

Am I going to take responsibility for my life?

Am I going to meditate, exercise, pray, be conscious, do the things that I know are good for me?

Or not?

Every day brings a new opportunity to choose one or the other.

Because none of us wake up a nun.

With passion,

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