New Feature: Change Auto-Responders to Automation

Before we had proper automations, we were overloading auto-responders with a bunch of features that didn't quite belong there, like giving access to auto-published/dripped pages within spaces. Also, they were pretty inflexible in that you could only wait for x times 24 hours from one email to the next.

Thankfully Automations fixes all that. But what if you already have a bunch of autoresponders set up, and you want to start taking advantage of all that automatons offer?

That's where the new "Change to automation" button comes in. Just go to the auto-responses page for a list or product and click it, and all the auto-responses and the dripped content will be turned into an automation.

We'll also add a trigger that starts the automation, so it will continue to work the same way it did before.

The existing auto-responses will be left in place, but they'll all be disabled. New "Email Library" emails will be created with the same content and used for the automations.

We also mover over all participants/subscribers currently in the process of receiving auto-responses over to the automation, so they'll continue to receive their emails uninterrupted.

After that, you can start tweaking the automation to your needs, taking full advantage of all the new powerful capabilities that automations give you.

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