Prevent Download of Individual Content in Space

You can now prevent download of individual videos, audios, or even images, within a space. That way, you can leave downloads on for the majority of content, but turn it off for just one or two pieces that for some reason you need to keep online-streaming-only. To do that, go to a content element in your space, click "Edit" and check the new "Prevent people from downloading" checkbox).

Also, you can now hide the Podcasting section in the sidebar without turning off downloads for the space as a whole. Some people just don't like to have that feature available.

And finally, I've added the ability to add your own custom section to the sidebar on a space, which you can use for anything you want, for example to tell people how to reach you with questions, a reminder of an upcoming live module, or anything else you fancy.

Both of these are under Settings for the space.


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The Lettuce Team Support

How do I turn off the ability for users to download videos in a course?

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Kristina Cummings

Great question @The Lettuce Team Support! You'll want to check two places - the Product that gives access to the content under Product > Content > Content Access, and the Membership Site the course lives on under Membership Site > Configure > Advanced Settings (there's a little checkbox that says "Prevent members from downloading video, audio, and PDFs embedded on this site" at the bottom of that section). 

Here's our guide with more information on this :)

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