Auto-Subscribe and Unsubscribe Links

I added one-click automations a while back.

These are special links that you can insert into a broadcast, auto-response, or library email, which, when the recipient clicks it, will start the given automation for that recipient.

That's super useful, and one of the things that it's particularly useful for is a one-click opt-in to a list. You can use this for a quick opt-in to an event, to set up a sublist for people who are interested in a given topic or product, and much more.

Until now, though, it required you to create an automation just for this. The automation would have a single step: Subscribe to the list.

Well, that seemed like a cumbersome way to do something really simple. So now, hot off the presses, you'll have one-click auto-subscribe and auto-unsubscribe links premade for every one of your lists. Just grab the link, insert it into an email, and you're good to go.

Keep in mind, they don't do anything on their own, though. They only work when you put them in a broadcast, auto-response, or library email, and only when you send it out for real, not in a preview.

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